Friday, June 14, 2013

just a little change...

We have updated our referral request:

Female, 0-7 years, healthy or minor medical needs or 2 siblings, at least one female, 0-7 years , healthy or minor medical needs.

For the unofficial list this is where we stand in the wait:

Monday, May 20, 2013


Over the past 3.5 years since we began our journey to adopting our sweet Zoe Moon from Ethiopia, we have been asked dozens of great questions from people who were curious about all different aspects of adoption. We are devoting this entry to answering some of these questions for a larger audience who might not actually ask, but may still wonder.

Why are you adopting?

The evening we were engaged to be married 10 years ago, we stayed up almost the whole night talking about our future life together. Everything from where we wanted to live to how old we hoped to live to. During that conversation we also discussed our desire for children, which included a desire to adopt. It was an amazing conversation as we had never discussed it before but independently of one another, we both had a desire to adopt in order to share our lives with and provide a family for children who had been orphaned. 

Why adopt internationally when we have so many orphans right here in the United States that need a home? 

This is by far the most frequently asked question. We completely understand the thought process behind the question and our answer is sometimes challenging for others, but it's where we are and for or us, the answer is really quite simple. We don't identify ourselves first and foremost with that 'we' in the question. There are over 150 million orphans on our planet (some have estimated that it is more the 200 million). The orphan crisis is a global crisis that really knows no borders. When following our hearts to adopt, the current country that we lived in was certainly a consideration, but it was one of many countries we considered. We looked around, prayed, learned about countries (the U.S. as well as China, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Russia) and followed our hearts to Africa. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a child with a different skin color than our own. Therefore, had we chosen the U.S., we would have adopted hispanic or african american children. As we continued to move towards adoption however, we decided that we not only wanted a child of different skin color, but we also wanted a child from a different culture and tribe than our own. 

All this being said, there is one thing that we are sure of. We are not opposed to adopting children from the country that we currently live in. Therefore, in the future it is always a possibility.

What is DTE?

DTE stands for Dossier to Ethiopia. This is the day our dossier was mailed from our adoption agency in the U.S. to Ethiopia. For this next child, our DTE date was February 8, 2013.

Why do you celebrate DTE?

Our kids. We wanted to figure out a way to keep the adoption in front of our kids since the wait time is 3 years. It was easy when Kristy was pregnant for our kids to see a baby growing in her, knowing that soon they would have a sibling. This is a bit different so each month we take them out on our monthly date - the 8th - and talk about their future siblings.

Why does adoption cost so much?

We're not completely sure. Fees. Travel expenses. Home study. It seems a little excessive to us.

Why does it take so long to adopt?

In all honesty, we don't know! Lots and lots of paperwork and red tape.

What are you adopting this time?

This time around, our request is for one girl between 0 and 4 or a sibling set between 0 and 7. Young sibling sets are incredibly rare, so there is a chance that we will only adopt one daughter this time. However, when the time comes, if there is a young sibling set available, we believe we will go that route.There are lots of other questions that we are asked but these are some of the top questions. Hope this helps. If you have a question, please ask!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lucy Love +

We are DTE again! This is are second and final adoption, right God?

Our current request this time is

Female 0-48 months healthy or minor medical needs or Siblings 0-7 years old with one being female with healthy or minor medical needs.

At this time or little girls name will be Lucy Love, but if she is old enough to have an opinion then we will take her input =) but for now will are waiting and celebrating Lucy Love with beignets!

So maybe I have been a little busy....

So, maybe it has almost been a year? But better late then never! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

So close... but not yet.

We are nearing the end of this 2 1/2 year process and I am worn out. I would say that throughout this process I have been a good sport. We took some punches along the road but we always got right back up. The wait was so worth it like every one always says. Yes, God chose the perfect child for us. She is absolutely beautiful and we are totally in love. 
Tomorrow marks 10 days since were submitted to embassy. You are suppose to hear within 10 days, so we are hoping for an email during the night. 
I can finally say I am tired. I am over the process. I am having a hard time understanding my emotions but I think if it were possible I would stay in bed and sleep a lot. Sleeping is usually how I deal with frustration. I feel like I am in a fog and I just can’t see past it. I think about what I need to get to prepare for her or our upcoming trip and I get overwhelmed. 
I feel like a new mom. I stand and stare at stuff and think truly I don’t need all of these things, then I leave with everything. Only to go back the next week and return it all because of course I do not need them. (yes I really did that) I find myself standing in the clothing department at Target right in the middle of all of the cute girl things and I panic. There is so much to choose from. I can’t figure out how to pick just a few things, what sizes.... I have longed to buy girls clothes and now the time has come and it is way to over whelming, so I left with a pack of onesis. (seriously, onesis?) I need bows. Why are bows so hard to find? I need head bands but last time I found some they were to small and to big? 
In comparison to pregnancy, I feel 9.5 months pregnant and my doctor wont schedule an induction date. I have no energy, no motivation, I just want take this baby out of the story we have been telling and have her in my arms and home in her bed or my bed ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 2

Today was a little adventurous for me.

A new family arrived so we got to watch them meet their little girl for the first time. That was so amazing to see.

Then they brought Zoe out to us. I was holding her for only a few minuets and then one of the nannies came and took her. I tried to communicate why but all she kept saying was, "hospital.". I would say my heart completely sank. I tried not to just to conclusions to fast because I had no information. I quickly went and found our guide, Job to get him to translate why. He came and told me, "they are taking her to get x-ray of her abdomen." Once again hold back tears because we still don't know anything. So I asked Job if I could go with her to the hospital. The nanny quickly said," no room." and went on. I guess Job could see the look of fear or sadness on my face so he quickly ran over and talked with them. Happily he came back and I will go instead of the nanny.

I would probably say I am not a huge adventurous person, so this a bit out of my comfort zone. I got into a taxi with four people that did not speak English. There was the taxi driver, an older boy in the front and then two nannies, me and three babies in the back. It was extremely hot and tight. BUT I had my baby in my arms so it was worth it.

I had no idea how long I was going to be gone from the group nor did I know how far away was the hospital. So I did all I knew what to do, I prayed. I prayed for healing for Zoe and safe travels for us both.

At the hospital they did an ultra sound of her belly. Still I did not know why.

It all happened rather quickly and once we returned back at the transition I asked Job if we could find out what that was all about. The doctor was not in but the nurse was. She looked in Zoe's charts and it said, doctor suspects a mass on her abdomen. Then she said doctor will talk to us on Monday. I swallowed and said ok. I think a few tears fell but then I held back. I tried not to make everything bigger in my thoughts but at the same time my heart was aching. In America the word mass is a very very bad thing, but here in ethiopia it may have just been the only word hey knew to use to translate the doctors words.

It was then time for lunch, so all the nannies took the babies back and we were headed out for lunch. Lunch was great it was a pizza place and there was a coffee house next door. The coffee was great!!

We headed back to the transition home, I was ready to hold Zoe again. The babies were all asleep so this time we waited patently. As the babies woke up the nannies brought them out. Zoe was all smiles as she came out.

She is an extremely happy baby. The day before I had noticed this noise that she would make and I even said to Brian that it sounds like she is trying to poop. Then this afternoon she was making the same noise. It was like a grunt. Then it hit me, I wonder when the she had a poop diaper. Maybe this was the abdomen mass? So went and found her nanny. Of course I couldn't get my question answered so I went to find Job. I after translation he said she said that she suspects constipation too. A relief. I went and found the nurse to talk with her, she called the doctor and she to tell me not to worry she will meet with me on Monday.

Meanwhile, poor Zoe was grunting and pushing. Her little legs were straight out with her belly tight tight. The pain would come and go. She would break out it clammy sweats. All of our hearts were breaking.

It was time to go, we prayed over her and handed her back.

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Metcha Day

Today was our first day in Ethiopia.

We met downstairs at the guest house for breakfast. It was great because we were able to meet a few families from our yahoo group. After breakfast we all loaded up into one van and headed out. We were the only family this morning meeting our child for the first time, so the others knew what was coming and were incredibly excited for us. On the drive over I didn't realize how nervous I was. My stomach had butterflies.

Our bumpy ride finally came to a halt when we saw the famous America World sign. I have seen it so many times in other peoples pictures/videos but to actually see it for myself was crazy especially knowing what was to come.

We waited for the nannies to get Zoe dressed and then they brought her to us. She came out all smiles! We both got to love on her so much and she never made a peep. We brought her some toys and she loved chewing on her play keys. She is all smiles. Every time her daddy gets her she puts her head on his chest. It is the sweetest thing. We were there for about an hour and a half.

Then we met up with everyone for lunch. And then went right back to the TH home to see Zoe.

We got there and it was nap time, so they wanted us to wait. Personally I thought waiting wasn't an option so I asked if I could hold her while she slept. They didn't seem to mind so I went and took her out. Of course she didn't stay a sleep and we went right back to where we left off. Daddy and I took
turns snuggling and I got to feed her bottle to her. She didn't take it very well, she kept raspberrying it back out on me.

She is so perfect. I love everything about her. Her soft skin, her deep eyes, her curly hair and those lips!